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From Conal Tuohy <Co...@ReddFish.Co.NZ>
Subject RE: Some Design Help, please
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2002 21:52:34 GMT
You can do this kind of conditional include in Cocoon quite easily. In an
xsl script you can use xsl:if to conditionally produce xinclude references
to your other xml documents (toolbar, header, etc). Then your pipeline can
use the xinclude transformer to process these "include" elements and
actually include the referenced documents together into a single document.

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From: Sreedhar Chintalapaty []
Sent: Wednesday, 6 March 2002 09:39
To: Cocoon Users
Subject: Some Design Help, please

I am an absolute newbie to Cocoon. Being from a JSP background, I suspect
there are some fundamental differences in the way a database driven web site
is designed for Cocoon (with XSP/XML/XSL).
Let's say the users enter the site by the way of "index". This page draws
its content from several other component pages, namely header, majorTabs,
toolBar and contentPage. The requirement is: The active majorTab must be
highlighted, each majorTab has a different toolBar associated with it, and
the contentPage can be either a static XML file or a database search results
In the JSP world, I would create an index.jsp page that took in a bunch of
request parameters like 'toolBarName', etc., and dynamically include the jsp
components specified therein.
How would I do something like that in Cocoon? Can one XSP page dynamically
include other XSP pages? I would appreciate -any- examples/sample code! 

Best Regards, 

Sreedhar Chintalapaty 
PTC - 140 Kendrick St., Needham MA 02494 
A computer is like an Old Testament god, with a lot of rules and no mercy -
Joseph Campbell

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