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From "Stefan Seifert" <>
Subject [FYI] Success Story - Cocoon-based Web-CMS with Vignette-Integration
Date Sat, 09 Mar 2002 14:57:50 GMT

We developed in a big project roughly spanning the past 1,5 years a
Java-based Web Content Management System using Cocoon 2 with

The result of the first development phase (the live website) you can see
at (german). The System was developed by
gedas for the 'parliamentary faction of Bündnis90/Die Grünen' (the
German Green Party).

Some technical/architectional information:
 - The live-site is powerd by a farm of 5 web-/application and database
 - The whole Live-Website is generated by Cocoon 2.0.1
 - The data (metadata, XML/XHTML-Fragments, Image data) is stored in a
relational database
 - Each page delivery consists af a bunch of complex aggregated
XSP-Pages using ESQL, transformed with XSLT-Stylesheets for different
 - Output is done in HTML, HTML Print version, PDF, RTF, Text (all
generated from the same content) and JPEGs (for graphical menus). (In
the live-site you will see at this moment only HTML output - the other
formats are used live in the near future).
 - For some reasons the caching mechanisms of Cocoon where not used but
it was decided to run this high-traffic Website on Vignette, using the
 - Vignette is used for some other special community-features like
 - The Content Management System itself is a traditional JSP/Java-Based
n-tiered System running in IE5 and higher and Netscacpe 4.7 and higher,
using a java applet for authoring formatted XHTML fragements. Some
additional feaures: Complex User Roles, simple Workflow,
Image+Link-Management etc.
 - A sort of 'cache manager daemon' does on-demand-regeneration of
changed pages
 - The system supports the administration of several sites in the same
web farm with completely different layouts
 - The system is used by up to 200 editors who can edit content -
without having to know anything about HTML or XML.

In late 2000 we took a first look at Cocoon 1 and did some prototyping
and implemented the system using Cocoon 2 since it reached first beta.
We were very impressed by the features and architecture of cocoon. The
first architecture was planned as a vignette-only website, but because
the lack of sufficient XML-support in Vignette (and other reasons) we
decided to use Cocoon as core system and Vignette only for caching and
cluster management and never looked back!

Using the sitemap-concept of Cocoon 2 it was very easy to implement the
cryptic Vignette URL syntax like ",938,123,00.htm" and Vignette
Integration was made very easy.

Thanks to all developers maintaining and extending cocoon!
Its an excellent system! (some wishes, of course, remain)

The Content Managemenet System itself is unfortunately closed-souce, but
perhaps we can give some of our cocoon-related know-how as 'power-user'
back to the community in the future.


If you like marketing stuff see the official press release for this
(you will find contact info for commercial contacts there too)
In case you don't know what Vignette is go

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