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From "Lai, Harry" <>
Subject Possible error in 2.0.2 xsp.xsl (incompatible with Saxon 6.5)
Date Thu, 28 Mar 2002 22:32:54 GMT
Hi folks,

We've been using Cocoon 2.0.1, and I just downloaded 2.0.2.  After migrating
to it, I find that I'm getting an XSL error in xsp.xsl (using Saxon 6.5).
The message is:

Line#: 441; Column#: -1
The match pattern in xsl:template may not contain references to variables

So when I looked at line 441, this is what it has:

	<xsl:template match="*[not(namespace-uri(.) = $xsp-uri)]">...

xsp-uri is basically used as a constant, so I just replaced it with its
constant string literal value, and voila, everything's fine!

Anyway, I'm curious - does anyone know whether match patterns can contain
variables, or if Saxon's just being overly particular?


Harry Lai 
512.342.2623 x2170 

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