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From Robert Leftwich <>
Subject Re: [Newbie] Where do cocoon apps go?
Date Mon, 01 Apr 2002 03:04:30 GMT
At 12:32 PM 1/04/2002, Eric de Groot wrote:
>I read all the articles and tutorials with the cocoon documentation, but I cannot find
any information telling me how to actually let an app use cocoon.  Does the app need to be
in a sub-directory of /webapps/cocoon/ , without it s own web.xml, etc..?  How can I have
my application /webapps/myapp/ use cocoon?  Do I need to route everything through Cocoon2
in my web.xml?  How will cocoon know where my sitemap is?  Is there any documentation that
details how to create a cocoon application from scratch?  The tutorial says we need a sitemap,
this code, this sql, etc.., but doesn t explain where any of it goes.  Any help to get me
started would be appreciated.  Thanks.
>-Eric de Groot

You might take a look at Chello (, which is a minimal 'hello
world' style web app with a setup including the following features:

·       Project compilation using ANT 
·       Unit Testing with JUnit 
·       Functional Testing with HTTPUnit 
·       Continuous integration process with CruiseControl 
·       Documentation generation for 
·       your Java Code using Javadoc 
·       your XSL Stylesheets using XSLDoc 
·       Your project documentation using Cocoon 
·       Automatic build of Web archive file (WAR) for easy distribution 

Note that the existing setup is for an older release of Cocoon (v2 rc2). I am currently running
it with the latest v2.02 release of cocoon and was going to submit the change list to the
chello site for feedback (as I am a newbie as well) prior to telling the rest of the world
about it, but I guess I've just done that :-)



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