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From KOZLOV Roman <>
Subject Local characters in request params
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2002 16:53:10 GMT
    Hi all,

    Could you, please, help me? Is it possible to perform a request via
Cocoon 2.01 using xmldb protocol if xpath contains "local" characters,
for example 'é' (or %E9 or &eacute;).
    It seems that such characters are translated to escaped codes (like
&eacute;) and dbXML (I use dbXML 1.0b4 "Mustard") doesn't decode them.

Pieces of a pipeline:
   <map:match pattern="getx/**">

    <map:serialize name="xml"/>

   <map:match pattern="getx1/**">

    <map:serialize name="xml"/>

<collection:results query="//Lubrifiant[natureLubrifiant='p&acirc;te']"
resources="0" xmlns:collection=""/>

Meantime, such data exist in db and could be reviewed by means of
gopher's xpath query interface.
Moreover, such patterns without local codes (ex.:
natureLubrifiant='huile soluble') work fine.

For info:I didn't change a configuration of xmldb protocol and patterns,
just copied main sitemap.xmap provided in cocoon.war and added my

Thank you in advance.


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