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From TREGAN Fabien <>
Subject RE: XUL ?
Date Tue, 19 Mar 2002 08:47:12 GMT
>I don't know anything abou XUL but

It's the XML based GUI-definition used by Mozilla.

>you may be interested in
>Web Services User Interface consortium

I've hade a look at this, interesting !
It's not what I was looking for :
-wsui allow to map a component to a web services calls.
-What I'm looking for (and what XUL is) is a standard langauge to describe
the GUI. My probleme is that actually, in (x)HTML, you can easily tell that
you want a text input, and let the CSS define how the input will look like
BUT you have no way to say that you want a menu, and let the CSS define if
it's a drop-down menu, a treeview, ...

So what i'd like to have in my cocoon project is a SIMPLE transformation of
my XML datas in a standardized, easy to generate, gui-describing-xml stream,
and a re-usable layer for gui-description to XHTML transformation.

There are still several question for wich I do not have any answer :
-Should I define my own 'xgui' set of component or should I use (extend ?)
xul or uiml ?
-Is a standard gui-def -> XHTML transformer out of C2 scope ?
-What are the url I should start reading before trying to answer this
questions by myself ?

Any suggestion is, of course, welcome !


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