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From TREGAN Fabien <>
Subject How are mime type working in C2 ?
Date Mon, 11 Mar 2002 09:48:51 GMT
something I do not understand about mime-type in C2 (the problème only
appears with C2, but maybe it's not C2 related ?)

I use IE 5.5, and I use 2 serializers (default configuration) :

in xmap:
<map:serializer name="svg2jpeg"
logger="sitemap.serializer.svg2jpeg" mime-type="image/jpeg"/>
in xconf :
<component-instance name="xml"

-when I acces image.svg and use the SVGserializer, IE reconize it's a
image/jpeg and open it as an image.
-when I open data.xml and use the XML serializer, IE open it an HTML file (I
have to use 'view source' to see my data, or to use a xml -> xhtml

When I open a .xml localy, IE reconize it as an xml file and display the
normal blue/red common treeview.

Is it a C2 related problem ? Is it an hack from IE to handle XHTML ?


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