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From John Austin <>
Subject Re: Urgent: Problems in including XML fragment in XSP o/p
Date Thu, 28 Mar 2002 07:42:11 GMT

> The XSP code snippet is
> ------------------------
> 	<area>
> 		<subarea>
> 				<xsp:expr>
> 				        itemsXML
> 				  </xsp:expr>
> 		</subarea>
> 	</area>
> -------------------------
> If I do as above the contents of itemsXML is treated as String only
> and not as XML and hence will not undergo transformation

I was trying to solve a similar problem last week. I have an XML doc 
that I stuff into the session context at one point and I needed to pull 
it out and feed it to a simple XSLT transformation pipeline.

The documentation and the mail archive seemed to suggest that I was 
attempting some sort of pagan rite that had been banned to preserve 
theological purity. I had to fall back on an ancient technology: 
JavaServer Pages. The first version of this code was written as a 
servlet and I needed to get the servlet functionality to work quickly.

The example JSP's in C2 work quite well and I wrote a JSP that did 
exactly what I needed. [Nice to know that a JSP becomes a servlet.]

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