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From "Robert J. Lebowitz" <>
Subject Headless Server, and yes, I read the FAQ and manual
Date Mon, 11 Mar 2002 22:00:57 GMT
This one has me really stumped.

Here's my system configuration:

RedHat Linux 7.2
Tomcat 4.01
Cocoon CVS HEAD distribution

About a week and a half ago, I downloaded all of the above and built a
working Cocoon 2.0 system.  I had to compile my own cocoon.war since there
are some incompatibilities with the binary built with jdk 1.3 that I was
aware of from reading this list.

Everything seems to work reasonably well, except the svg stuff, but that
wasn't important to me, the pdf stuff seems to work fine (so far).

Today, I set up a second server, very similar hardware, same software.  Yet,
I continually get that darn error informing me that  Cocoon can't connect to
the X Server, and can't compile the sitemap.  Now, that is very odd since
I'm using the same exact startup scripts, etc.  and the Xvfb is running in
the background when I get this error.

here's another weird problem.  I tried commenting out the references to the
svgserializer and and the pdfserializer and nothing works at all.  My system
just seems to hang endlessly.

I've kind of exhausted all the known workarounds.  As I indicated earlier,
I'm especially puzzled because this works just fine on my other server.


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