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From "Vadim Gritsenko" <>
Subject RE: Problem creating new generator
Date Thu, 14 Mar 2002 19:43:23 GMT
> From: Volker Schneider []
> Dear cocoon-users,

First of all, what servlet engine do you use? I will assume Tomcat 4.0.1

> first I tried to run the "time" example, but I got the error message,
> the component cannot be found, though all classes were at the right

What is it? Or were did you get it?

> Second I tried to take the class,

Do you mean Generator interface or one of the Cocoon's generators?

> renamed it and cleaned it
> from the missing component. The generator should now generate an empty
> document (startDocument + endDocument). For this class I created a new
> directory "testapp" below the "classes" directory

Is this classes directory same as tomcat/webapps/cocoon/WEB-INF/classes?

> and gave the new class the
> package name of this directory.

I assume you compiled your generator and you have a class file.

> Then I registered the new generator in the
> sitemap, but didn't create a pipeline for it (I removed my pipeline,
> I saw, that the error also occurred without the pipeline. Then I
cleaned the
> working directory and restarted cocoon).
> When calling the demo site http://<host>/cocoon  (which takes the
> sitemap) an error occurred which says, that the sitemap was wrong,
> the class name was unknown. My generator entry looked like this:
> ...
> <map:generator name="MyGenerator" src="testapp.MyGenerator"/>
> </map:generators>
> What is wrong?

If my assumptions are correct, it should work.

> Where can I find examples or documentation how to add / build new
> generators, transformers and serializers?

Basically, these are all the correct steps. If you will be unable to
find a solution for your issue, you can try (assuming you have src
version of Cocoon, not bin) to put your generator under
org.apache.cocoon.generation package, and use "build
-Dinclude.webapp.libs=yes webapp" to make webapp which includes your


> We can't use only standard
> components, because as an example we have to serve some other devices
> don't understand HTML or WML.
> Thank you, best regards,
> - Volker -

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