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From "Chitharanjan Das" <>
Subject Urgent : Question about Actions:
Date Sun, 17 Mar 2002 23:57:49 GMT

Can we control the execution of Actions in an Adtion Set from within

Let us assume we have the following sitemap defn

	<map:action-set name="actionset">
 		<map:act type="locale">
 			<map:parameter name="LOCALE" value="de_DE" />
 		<map:act type="sessionValidate" />
 		<map:act type="sessionRedirect" />
 		<map:act type="processRequest" />
 		<map:act type="doProcess1" action="Process1" />
 		<map:act type="doProcess2" action="Process2" />
 		<map:act type="doProcess3" action="Process3" />

In the code of Action class for processRequest 
	public Map act (Redirector redirector, 
                  SourceResolver resolver, 
                  Map objectModel, 
                  String source, 
                  Parameters params) {
    Map sitemapParams = new HashMap();
	String action = getProcessGivenRequest(request,params);
	//Setting the cocoon action here

  Now will this effect the pipeline processing, for instance, if the
action returned  was "Process1" in the
  above function, should in execute the the action "doProcess1", as
defined in above sitemap defn.
  The point I am trying to make is is it possible to set Cocoon action
from within actions or should it be a request parameter only....

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