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From "David Morris" <>
Subject Re: No X or AWT blues
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2002 17:30:22 GMT
Thank you for helping. The problem on the iSeries is that it uses 
its own JDK that does not support -Xbootclasspath or have some 
of the native fonts that PJA requires. From what I have read RAWT 
looks like it should work just fine, but I just found out about another

solution that is describe here: 

I do not have one of the pre-requisite products on my iSeries system, 
so I will have to wait until I can order it to try this out. Thanks
again for 
your help.

David Morris

>>> 02/22/02 02:39AM >>>
Bert Van Kets wrote:

> Here's how I installed PJA:
> I copied the PJA jar files to the jre/lib/ext directory and added the

> following line to the file
> CATALINA_OPTS='-Xbootclasspath/p:/usr/local/pja/lib/pja.jar...

I do not see the point of coping pja.jar in any subdirectory of the
I think the -Xbootclasspath can point to any directory (as you mention

it one line after!!!).

One other thing that I do not understand:
why do you use pjatools? it is not needed.

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