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From "Olivier Richaud" <>
Subject Moving from C1 to C2
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2002 17:18:20 GMT
We think it's time for us to move from C1 to C2. Along other things that we
consider, is i18n that we are force to integrate.

Now, our system is composed of :
- XSP pages ;
- a logicsheet that supply the main common functionnality shared by the XSP
pages ;
- 1 big stylesheet for the whole site, and 2 secondary stylesheets to render
reports in HTML and PDF.

One big problem we foudn was the complexity of C2 coming with vairous
samples that are useless for our purposes. Do we have to recreate the war,
or is there any stripped version of C2 ready for prime time?

Other point : Some tests pointed out difficulties with logicsheets and XSP.
In the past, we just added the namespace for our logicsheet to the xsp:page
tag, and here it goes, provided that the file was OK. We
made the similar modification to cocoon.xconf file, and we failed to find
any valid explanation. But, we made it work without any logicsheet.

I would be pleased to hear of anybody that moved from C1 to C2.



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