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From "Pascal Davoust" <>
Subject [C2] Content/Layout separation
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2002 22:24:09 GMT
Hi all,

Here's my current situation.
I'm using XSP pages to provide dynamic content (static content + content
logic) which are then transformed using stylesheets (layout tranform).
Nothing special.

Now, I'd like to enhance my layout. I'm trying to make it contextual: for
instance, I'd like to display browsing information (based on previously
visited pages, for instance). Example:
   [Img1] Welcome > [Img2] List of records > [Img3] Edit record

Obviously, the (dynamic) content should be made contextual, probably using
the Session object (an action, like the SessionStateAction would do the
trick), to store the previously visited URIs and titles. But it also
includes layout information (the associated images, in my example). I can
also store it in the Session object... my problem is here.

I don't see how to retrieve this piece of information without mixing content
and layout information: it would mean that my XSP generated pages (content)
would hold images URIs (layout related).
I would need some kind of "layout logic" (similar to "content logic")... And
I don't see how I could do this.

Any suggestion?


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