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From "Lewis, Andrew J" <>
Subject XSLT/XPath Question....
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2002 23:03:02 GMT

	I realize that this is not a general XSL forum, so if someone would
rather point me to a more appropriate forum, I have no problem with that,
but the people on this list generally seem to have the answers :)

	I am having wierd namespace issues in XSLT using the document()
function. It appears that any declared namespace (including default) in the
secondary document does not match the same namespace on a rule in the
stylesheet - even with same namespace and prefix. The only way I have been
able to get matches at all is to not use name spaces at all on these
documents (which is a pain). The oddity persist through multiple transforms,
so clearly must be a SAX transportable difference. I can match on wildcards,
or with no namespace, and I can produce output nodes based on that match
that wiull be processed, but if I pass the same nodes through, they match

	Any ideas? I've searched every list archive I can find, and haven't
found an answer yet...

	Many thanks in advance....

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