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From (Carlos)
Subject Re: C1/C2 supported XSL tags
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2002 17:50:25 GMT
On 02/19/02 4:00, "Baer Peter" <> wrote:

> Is it documented anywhere what tags and parts of XSL are supported by
> Cocoon 1 and 2?
Cocoon doesn't support XSL or XSLT directly. By default it uses Xalan to as
the XSLT engine, Xerxer-J as the parser and FOP as the FO transformer. As
far as XSLT goes, Xalan-J is pretty complete in terms of supporting the XSLT
recommendations. For their feature lists consutl each individual project

Where we need help (IMO) is in people supporting FOP so that it'll be
feature complete as soon as possible.

> (It can be frustrating, if you finally find a solution to your problem,
> and then find out that it does work in XSLT, but not in Cocoon.
> Which happened to me with <xsl:output ... >,
Which happens to be parser dependent. Xalan has an extension to do something
similar to xsl:output as does Saxon.

> as you can see in the
> thread "XML --> CSV file download" on this list...) ;-)
I would point out that, if you're a Java programmer, you can always
contribute to the codebase of the project where you see the need. If you're
not (as in my case) you just have to be patient

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