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From Bud Gibson <>
Subject Re: Newbies: New Tutorial about Request Parameters
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2002 18:18:43 GMT

Andreas Hartmann wrote:

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>On 27.02.2002 at 12:27 Bud Gibson wrote:
>>Being a newbie, I would say the biggest single positive change you could 
>>make would be to put a link to an easily searchable mail list archive on 
>>the cocoon install page and again as the main link in the mailing lists 
>>page.  The one that is featured now is a text archive.  Vadim Gritsenko 
>>pointed me to this much better one.
>I don't like this one because I don't like white text on dark background at
>all. Nevertheless, it's a good archive.
>BTW - I'm a little bit confused, which install page do you mean?
>Are you talking about cocooncenter at all?
>And what about the archive at Real Time? It's searchable too.
I was referring to the install page at the cocoon "official" site. 
 Frankly, that page is a little misleading for the most recent tomcat 
release.  I've looked at cocoon center and really liked the way it was 

My point is not so much to promote one archive site as to get searchable 
ones front and center on the site where people who are novices are most 
likely to go (the "official" site).

>>If cocoon were actually stable, a FAQ would be good, but might well be a 
>>waste of time at  this point.
>Yeah, I want to spend as much time as possible on long-lasting
>>I would continue the efforts to get a 
>>bulletproof installation and use all of the irritating newbie questions 
>>on the list to help me figure out where people go wrong the most 
>>frequently. Fix the instructions to remove those problems. Now that 
>>tomcat seems to have stabilised in the libraries it includes (minimal), 
>>you won't have the rug pulled out from under you so frequently when they 
>That is a good idea, but if I started to provide installation instructions,
>I have to answer installation questions to stay credible. And, unfortunately,
>I don't have the time to do that ... what about you? :)
No time for answering questions but quite possibly time for updating 
instructions.  If you can get those right, the questions should go way down.


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