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From Cédric Damioli <>
Subject Re: read/write DOM Session
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2002 08:29:38 GMT
My problem was : how to read data from session as generator, not from 
http request.
So i've written my own Generator, readDOMSessionGenerator, based on the 
readDOMSessionTranformer. It may be useful for people wanting to begin 
their pipelines with data stored in session and not on disk.

If this Generator matches your needs, email me and i'll send.


Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:

>On Friday 22 February 2002 09:37, Cédric Damioli wrote:
>>My problem is : the readDOMsession exists only as Transformer, and
>>beacause i only use the data provided by this DOM, i don't need any
>You could use the RequestGenerator ( <map:generate type="request"/>) - 
>I find it a good starting point for such "non-data" pipelines. 

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