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From Tony Collen>
Subject Re: Newbie question about patterns in sitemap.xmap
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2002 19:27:14 GMT
George Agnelli wrote:

>I couldn't find an answer to this question in the archives or in the Cocoon
>docs so apologies if it's a dumb one.
>I'm simply trying to match a filename pattern in the sitemap.xmap for
>testing purposes. The file names could be like this Item1.html, Item2.html
>and so on, or item1.html, item2.html and so on. In grep I can match these
>patterns using [Ii]tem[0-9*].html but when I use this in the sitemap like
>this <map:match pattern="xslt/[Ii]tem[0-9*].html"> it can't find the files.
>Is it possible to use these kind of expressions or do I need to try
>something else?


<map:match type="regexp" pattern="xslt/[Ii]tem[0-9*].html">

You need to tell Cocoon that you're using a Regular Expression instead 
of a "normal" pattern.

Hope this helps..


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