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From Yann Secq <>
Subject Re: DOCBOOK and Cocoon2 - Example needed!
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2002 09:20:29 GMT
Erik Stunkat wrote:

> Hi Yann, see the log files in: \tomcat\webapps\cocoon\WEB-INF\logs

yes, I looked at them but didn't find any errors :-(

> they should give you some hints or try xalan to convert your xml to pdf with
> the stylesheets to find the error.

I have tried to do that : the xml -> xsl:fo translation seems
to work, but when I try to use fo2pdf to generate the PDF it fails !
(using xalan and the command line transformation)

I tried then to use cocoon to do the last transformation :

    <map:match pattern="docbook/testfo">
      <map:generate src="docs/samples/docbook/"/>
      <map:serialize type="fo2pdf"/>

Sorry for the dump : here is access.log

INFO    (2002-02-06) 10:11.27:453   [access] (/cocoon/testfo) 
HttpProcessor[8080][4]/CocoonServlet: 'testfo' Processed by Apache 
Cocoon 2.1-
dev in 28 milliseconds.
DEBUG   (2002-02-06) 10:11.38:126   [access] (/cocoon/docbook/testfo) 
HttpProcessor[8080][4]/AbstractEnvironment: Changing Cocoon context(si
temap.xmap) to prefix()
DEBUG   (2002-02-06) 10:11.38:126   [access] (/cocoon/docbook/testfo) 
HttpProcessor[8080][4]/AbstractEnvironment:       from context(file:/s
and prefix()
DEBUG   (2002-02-06) 10:11.38:126   [access] (/cocoon/docbook/testfo) 
HttpProcessor[8080][4]/AbstractEnvironment:       at URI docbook/testf
DEBUG   (2002-02-06) 10:11.38:127   [access] (/cocoon/docbook/testfo) 
HttpProcessor[8080][4]/AbstractEnvironment: New context is file:/share
DEBUG   (2002-02-06) 10:11.38:160   [access] (/cocoon/docbook/testfo) 
HttpProcessor[8080][4]/AbstractEnvironment: Resolving 'docs/samples/do
cbook/' in context 
DEBUG   (2002-02-06) 10:11.38:161   [access] (/cocoon/docbook/testfo) 
HttpProcessor[8080][4]/AbstractEnvironment: Resolved to 'file:/shared/

So everything seems to work nicely, but I never get any answers
from my HTTP request ...

> Do you have images in your xml?

No, I start slowly :) I have joined the document in attachment
(and the XSL:FO document generated by xalan).


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| Multi-Agent Systems Modeling & Agent Oriented Programming |
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