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From "Breiter, Andreas" <>
Subject StreamGenerator hangs up
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2002 12:57:06 GMT

I'm using Cocoon 2.0.1 with Tomcat 4.0.2-b2 on WindowsNT 4.0/SP5 with JDK
I tried a code piece I found in one of the mailing lists concerning the
StreamGenerator, because I'm trying to use Cocoon2 as a XML 2 PDF converter.
I want to send an XML-document and get back a PDF. My XML- and XSL(T)-files
are ok, they work if I use the default file generator with this sitemap

   <map:match pattern="report/*" type="wildcard">
    <map:generate src="{1}.xml" />
    <map:transform src="{1}.xsl" />
    <map:serialize type="fo2pdf" />

Every XML-doc has a corresponding XSL-doc with the same name. Works fine.

Now I want to put only the XSL-files into the Cocoon dir and send my XML
data via HTTP-POST.

This is the sitemap config I use to do this:

   <map:match pattern="stream/*" type="wildcard">
    <map:generate type="stream" />
    <map:transform src="{1}.xsl" />
    <map:serialize type="fo2pdf" />

I wrote a simple class which retreives the XML from a file and uses the
filename without path and extention to form the request URL,
but when I call it with a valid XML-file, the Tomcat-Java-process uses up to
100% CPU time and never get's back. I also tried the latest Cocoon
development build (20020218112639), but that changed nothing. Do you have
any idea what I might do wrong?


P.S.: I attached the source of my class and my demo xml/xsl files.
 <<Demo.xml>>  <<Demo.xsl>>  <<>>

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