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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: howto make use of default database add, delete, update action for mutilple table at a time
Date Sat, 23 Feb 2002 14:23:11 GMT
On 22.Feb.2002 -- 11:13 PM, Pascal Davoust wrote:
> I read in a post a few days ago (or was it in the archive?) that there were
> some serious limitations with these actions, and that some work is currently
> done to overcome those (something is already available in the scratchpad to
> have a look, I believe).

A word of warning: The way the actions are used (declaration of modes and all classnames
will change very shortly. Actually, that work is already done but since I haven't
found the (spare) time to check they still work as expected it's not in the CVS,
yet. Hope to find some time over this weekend though.)

What is "better" with the new ones:
	*) all actions work on arbitrary number of tables
	*) all actions may work on arbitrary number of tuples
	*) configuration is done in one file, table-sets select
	   the tables to work on
        *) autoincrement columns work better (currently mysql, hsqldb,
	   informix, but it's very easy to support any other as well)
        *) values can be obtained from arbitrary sources, source can
	   be specified per table-set and column
	*) results can be written to arbitrary destinations
	*) in- / output helper modules can be used with other components
	   like matchers, selectors, actions
	   (currently, only one example exists)
	*) currently available modules:
	   request attributes (in/out), request parameters (in), request header (in)
	   session attributes (in/out)
	   more to come...

What is "worse" with the new ones:
	*) descriptor file syntax has changed
	*) uses additional components -> more complex -> slower (?)
	*) changes are on the way

> Does anybody know if this *serious* limitation could be part of the new,
> future, top-notch database actions?

What limitation are you refering to? Updating multiple tables / rows? Yes, that
should be possible.


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