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From Jakob Praher <>
Subject xsp and XMLizable
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2002 10:50:16 GMT
hi all,


	<os name="linux" kernel="2.4.17" />
	<jdk version="1.3.1" vendor="blackdown" />
	<servlet-engine type="catalina" version="4.0.1" />
	<transformer type="xalan" version="2.3.0" />
	<cocoon version="2.0.1" />

I have a problem with transformation and XMLizable objects:
( I also had the problem when I tried to wirte the this.contentHandler
directly, or when I used the DOMStreamer )

say I have a xsp page like:


<xsp:page .... >

		<xsp:expr>new MyXMLizable( )</xsp:expr>


if I only generate, but not transform the events like:

<map:match pattern="raw-xml">
	<map:generate type="serverpages" src="generate.xsp" />

it works perfectly,

but on the other hand, if I transformm the generate.xsp like

<map:match pattern="generate.html">
	<map:generate type="serverpages" src="generate.xsp" />
	<map:transform src="generate2html.xsl" />
	<map:serialize />

I get a silent  Exception on the stdout of the servlet engine, but
nothing from the xmlizable node gets processed (though the error is not
propageted into cocoon ).

The stylesheet works, because if I manually generate the structure, the
XMLizable would generate, everything works fine!

has anyone had a problem like this?
should I use a Generator impl. insted?



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