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From "Vadim Gritsenko" <>
Subject RE: [C2] Performance Tuning - use-store for xslt
Date Sun, 10 Feb 2002 23:18:10 GMT
> From: Peter Hargreaves []
> Hi folks,
> Please could someone help to clarify?
> Is this how I remove stylesheet caching?
>   <xslt-processor
> logger="core.xslt-processor">
>    <parameter name="use-store"              value="false"/>
>    <parameter name="incremental-processing" value="true"/>
>   </xslt-processor>


> Does the following remove the caching from all of my sitemap pipelines
> (including xslt)? Or is something more subtle going on?

Yes. It disables cache for *all* stylesheets, including system
stylesheets suchs as sitemap.xsl and xsp.xsl.

>   <stream-pipeline
> class="org.apache.cocoon.components.pipeline.NonCachingStreamPipeline"
> logger=""/>
>   <event-pipeline
> class="org.apache.cocoon.components.pipeline.NonCachingEventPipeline"
> logger="core.event-pipeline"/>
> Should I use both of these together, or is there a case for using just
one of
> them?

Usually both go together. Can't think right know when you want one but
not another.

> When do I have a 'stream pipeline' and when do I have an 'event

Event pipeline used for every pipeline with generator/serializer, stream
pipeline is used for every pipeline containing reader and for every
external request (i.e., coming from browser but not from Cocoon itself).

> Can I control the caching of pipelines/components individually?

Not now. May be in future. May be it will be on sitemap level, or
<pipeline> level.

> How can I tell what effect if any these settings have on memory

Almost no effect ;)
Most important settings are in memory store. If memory store max objects
size = 1, it actually does not matter which pipeline do you use. Does it
make sense for you?

> Any advice very welcome - thanks,

Decrease count of optional libraries. Keep number of different
components in sitemap as little as required. Declare components in the
cocoon.xconf, but not sitemap.xmap if you use more than one sitemap.

> Peter
> <MySystem> Gateway G6-350 (392,612k RAM), NT4.0sp6, jdk-1.3.1,
> cocoon2.0.2-dev, NS Nav 4.7, NS 6.1, IE 5.0, </MySystem>

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