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From "Steven Caswell" <>
Subject Re: StreamGenerator: Could not get parser
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2002 17:36:32 GMT
Joe, could you share your solution.  I am having the same problem.

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From: Steven Caswell [] 
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2002 12:07 PM

Actually, that was a fat-finger on my part, Kinga...  I 
typed in the sitemap by hand - but it really is going to 
request2...  Also, I changed the variable name in the 
sitemap and form accordingly - removed the 
capitalization...  it appears that when setting a request 
attribute on the URLConnection class - it converts it all 
to lower case on the way out - thus, I had to make the 

But, I solved my problem which I'll detail in another 

many thanx for your help! 

peace.  JOe... 

On Thu, 31 Jan 2002 06:03:12 -0800 
  "DZIEMBOWSKI,KINGA (HP-NewJersey,ex2)" 
<> wrote: 
>The expected form name is "Foo" it looks like you have 
>I assume you are sending the xml document using the form 
>similar to 
>I like point to you that the request you are sending is 
>/cocoon/request2 and the sitemap entry you are showing 
>references request1. 

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