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Subject RE:Logicsheets ignored on restarting Tomcat
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2002 10:10:08 GMT

I've solved my logicsheet problems by putting it in a jar.
I didn't really want to do this at this stage because I'm
still working on it - but hey - it works!

I still have the problem with my included stylesheet though,
if anyone can help.



>Hello all,
>Happy New Year.
>I have been using cocoon for a month and have been
>very impressed - it's going to be very useful.
>However, I am now starting to run into problems with logic
>sheets and included style sheets :
>Problem 1)  I have a number of XSP pages that all use my own logic
>sheet. If I update the XSP page, the logic sheet is not processed unless
>I resave the logic sheet. No errors appear in the log file.
>Problem 2) Similar to problem 1 : If I restart Tomcat, none of my XSP
>pages process the logic sheet until I resave it. I have to do this for
>every XSP page. No errors appear in the log file.
>Problem 3) I have a default XSL stylesheet which I include into others.
>If I edit the default stylesheet, the changes are not processed until I
>restart Tomcat.
>Are there some reload/update parameters I can set?
>Do I have a cache problem ?
>Any ideas welcome.
>I am using Cocoon2, Tomcat4.01, Apache1.3 on WinNT


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