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From "Gerhard Froehlich" <>
Subject RE: C2 Memory Settings - Xms, Xmx, freememory, and heapsize
Date Sat, 26 Jan 2002 17:03:02 GMT
Hi Peter,

>From: Peter Hargreaves []
>Hi Gerhard,
>In my earlier notes on the above topic, I mentioned my garbage collector 
>occasionally taking over the system thereby freezing it! I think it

Damn threads!

>could be a bug connected with the Round Robin not managing to free 
>memory and not giving up trying to when it can't.
>With the following settings:
>heapsize =100000000
>I find using Optimizit that when my actual heap get to just over 100m 
>and my heap in use gets over 80m, then usually memory gets freed as 
>expected. Sometimes at this point the lockup occurs. It usually happens 
>just after one or two attempts have only just managed to free more than 
>20m. If the store-janitor can't free memory (store empty) I would expect 
>it to let the memory in use continue to grow.

For that he checks if more then one store is registered.

>Looking in my components.log and matching the output with the 
> source. The following seems to be happening:
>Inside the method run() it seems to be getting stuck in the while loop 
>that repeatedly attempts to freeMemory() until the store is empty. It 
>doesn't seem to be able to empty the store!
>      while (this.memoryLow() && this.getStoreList().size() > 0) {
>          this.freeMemory();
>      }
>In my log I find alternating groups of statements from this.memoryLow() 
>and this.freeMemory() and the message "StoreList size=3" gets repeated. 
>Every attempt to free memory calls the garbage collector.
>I couldn't understand the Round Robin thing so don't know if that is to 
>blame. There is other activity in the log which might be relevant, see 

Hmm I don't find the bug, yet. But I changed the logging messages at least.
Now it prints out "memory is low true/false". Maybe that's more clearly-presented.

Could you do a new check-out of the Head version and redo your test?


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