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From Chris Perrin <>
Subject RE: develop content management system
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2002 20:19:50 GMT
Good questions.  Very good questions.
I am all for being as ambitious as we can without overextending ourselves.
However, I am all for starting small and growing from there.  So, what is
the best starting point?  Do we target developers who have a basic
understanding of Cocoon or do we wait and launch a product that can be used
by all the different roles?
I'm not sure there is a best answer, but I think it would be easy to start
small.  We can aim for the developer community as our first target group.
That will allow us to create our perfect GUI, our tags, our concept of what
exactly we are dealing with, etc. etc.  Then we can add modules for the
different features.  I can see the value of ending up with a product that
could be used by someone with no programming experience.


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From: Koen Pellegrims []
Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2002 2:10 PM
Subject: Re: develop content management system

If you are planning to go forward with this, I want in...
my first question is: what needs to be the scope of such a system?
Let's say we manage to build the perfect graphical UI for Cocoon; does that
accomplish our goal? Because that still requires knowledge about the
workings of Cocoon.
IMHO, a content management system should play different roles when used by
different users. 
For example, an editor should only be concerned about the articles he/she is
posting onto the website. These could be formatted in some very simple
markup language to define important items, quotes, images... This markup
could (should) even be hidden from the editor through a simple
dtd/schema-aware GUI.
The next step is the (in this case) cocoon-savvy webmaster (not designer);
this person defines the data-flow throughout the site (designs the actual
The final step would be the development of publishing stylesheets by a
designer (eg. one designer for the web-version and one designer for the PDA
There could also be developers that develop Java components to generate
content,...  All of these steps can be regarded as 'content management'. 
Now, to repeat my question: should content management cover this entire
chain, or only parts of it? (and which).

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From: Chris Perrin <>  
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Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2002 8:30 PM
Subject: RE: develop content management system

OK, it looks like there is some interest.  Good!  I think we might just have
a good thing going and I do agree we may wish to start our own list.
I would say our first job, then, is to create a meaningful definition of
content management and what it encompasses.  Then we can move on to
determining requirements of it.
Who wants to start?
Christopher A Perrin, Lead Developer
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