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From "Lewis, Andrew J" <>
Subject RE: Sun's patent application on dynamically publishing XML-compliant documents
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2002 15:38:57 GMT
Realize that as bad as this sounds, many companies are acutally gathering
software patents for "defensive" purposes under the theory that if you have
enough of them you could sue over, no one will sue you over the ones they
have. It still elaves the little guy getting completely screwed. My point is
merely that these are not always malicious in intent. The key has more to do
with the particular companies' history of litigating these types of issues. 

Also, while prior art is great, it still takes million$ to defend against a
software patent suit because (at least in the US) the law is structured such
that the patent is "assumed" to be valid, so you have to prove that the US
government was wrong in order to win,

Many companies file suits over patents that everyone knows are bogus,m but
they go out and ask companies for $25,000 for a license, or face the
alternative of a lawsuit that costs millions. Good business sense says that
the $25,000 is a much more cost efective approach, even if it does just make
the problem worse.

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> From: 	patents are-bad[]
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> Sent: 	Monday, January 21, 2002 12:52 AM
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> Subject: 	Sun's patent application on dynamically publishing
> XML-compliant documents
> Hi
> I recently came across an international patent application in the name of 
> Sun Microsystems, Inc, entitled "System and Method for dynamically 
> publishing XML-compliant documents".
> The international filing date was 12 February 2001, with international 
> application number PCT/US01/04676.
> You can view it at:
> I've copied below some of the info from espacenet; but basically they
> claim 
> that using a different stylesheet to render the XML document depending on 
> the client's capabilities is their invention!
> The priority date looks to be 24 February 2000, so that's the date for
> which 
> we (the free world) need prior art.
> If that is correct, then Cocoon users might not need to lose any sleep, 
> given that the Cocoon project was founded in Jan. 1999, and so might well 
> have been doing this stuff first for a year or more...
> I like Sun, love Java, and especially appreciate the work Sun have been 
> doing with Apache, but i do also think that Sun should be working to help 
> stop bad patents, instead of contributing to the problem!
> ==================
> Patent Number: WO0163481
> Publication date: 2001-08-30
> Applicant(s):: SUN MICROSYSTEMS INC (US)
> Requested Patent:  WO0163481
> Application Number: WO2001US04676 20010212
> Priority Number(s): US20000184812P 20000224; US20010772038 20010129
> IPC Classification: G06F17/30
> EC Classification:
> Equivalents: AU3698701
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ------
> Abstract
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ------
> A system dynamically generates web pages that are optimized for a client's
> capabilities. In one embodiment, a client capability matrix is created.
> The 
> matrix distinguishes between clients based on one or more parameters, such
> as browser type, browser version, available data transfer rate, display 
> capabilities, and terminal device specifications. Additionally, a
> plurality 
> of XSL stylesheets are created. Each type of client is associated with one
> XSL stylesheet, but one XSL stylesheet may be associated with one or more 
> type of client. When a client requests a document from the system, the 
> system determines the client capabilities and selects an associated XSL 
> stylesheet. This selected stylesheet is then merged with an XML content 
> document that is associated with the requested document. The merged
> document 
> is then transmitted to the client as an XML compliant document, such as an
> XHTML document.
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