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From "Calbazana, Al" <>
Subject One big set of dynamic docs
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2002 01:22:41 GMT

Please bear with me.  I am beginning to understand cocoon2 but, admittedly,
have not gained enough understanding to prototype a solution that I think
cocoon can deliver.  Let me explain what I am trying to do.

Currently, I have several ASP documents that represent dynamic content.
Each doc contains content and logic that needs to get processed into one
final doc to display to the client as resolved html (or xml, or whatever).
Each ASP page can be related to another.  Business logic is applied from ASP
pages navigate a client through the series of ASP pages (user answers in a
given way, route the user to such and such ASP page).  This navigational
routing is NOT serial in nature and branches off based on business logic.
Essentially, I want to move the content potions of my ASP pages to xml docs,
tag up logic such that writers manage logic tags and not code, and apply
logic in a processing layer.  I think a cocoon implementation can help me do
this :)

A sample resolved document contains text and resolved logic.  This resolved
logic renders conditional text based on user inputs or data pulled from a
sql server.  I figure that I will need to transform a doc several times in
order to get to the end result.  A sample flow might be:

1. transform the content doc (with custom logic tags) once to resolve the
2. submit the form to commit client answers to a data source.
3. apply logic to figure out where I need to go next.
4. transform resultant logic once more to resolve further custom tags - e.g.
<mytag:get-user-gender/> embedded in my results.
	if(var = x){return <mytag:gender/>}
5. apply final xsl to for final display and render user inputs
6. do it all over again....

I understand the use of logicsheets to manage the separation of content and
logic.  But what I do not understand is how to get input from the user such
that I can do my processing and decision to move on to another page.  In
short, I want to create a sort of "expert system" composed of a series of
xml docs using the cocoon framework.

Are there any samples that walk through using forms to accomplish task of
passing a user from page to page to page?  What are the best practices in
creating a sitemap that accommodates this?  Are there any live sites that
someone can refer me to that actually do this using cocoon?

Any direction would be appreciated.



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