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From Yann Secq <>
Subject Re: Slides and PDF
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2002 16:39:19 GMT
Brandon Rich wrote:

>I haven't worked with it (has anyone else?) but sounds like it will help
>you out.  They have a slidesToFO.xsl file to do the conversion.
>Let us know how it works.
First I would like to thank everyone for links and advices :)

Effectively, this 'toolkit' is very nice. One problem is that it is the
property of Sun (and thus I'm not sure that I can really use/modify it ...).
My first goal is to have a stylesheet that will be working with the
slide example in Cocoon (in fact I'm working on a presentation of
Cocoon ;), thus people could use it right "out of the box" to do both
interactive presentation (with HTML) or paper (PDF).
Of course for learning it seems valuable (even if the stylesheets are
quite impressive !), and the article is well written.
Last thing, it will be hard to write a stylesheet from scratch when
the example to learn FO is so close, I hope it doesn't lead to legal 
issues ...

Well, i'll do some readings for the moment :)

Thanks, yann.

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