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From Bryan Murphy <>
Subject Re: XSLTransformer questions!
Date Fri, 25 Jan 2002 16:20:11 GMT
shenoy, nitin wrote:

>Q1) How do I pass the result of XSL transformations to an Action?
> <map:match pattern="ProcessOrder">
>        <map:generate type="file" src="input/message.xml"/>
>        <map:transform src="input/identity.xsl"/>
>        <map:act type="load-order" />
>        <map:serialize/>
>In the above scenario, I want to be able to pass the result of
>transformation by identity.xsl to load-order action! Is that possible and if
>yes how?
I think you have things mixed up a bit conceptually.  Actions are pieces 
of code that are tied to the pipeline, not the XML document.  You use an 
Action to modify the pipeline, not the XML stream.  If you want to 
modify the XML stream, you have to create a Transformer.

>Q2) How do I handle a scenario where every xsl:for-each should fire an
>action inside a sitemap? I guess a related question also is whether Sitemap
>has any construct for loops?
>Please do help.
Same thing, you need to write a Transformer (or a logic sheet).  Your 
code can then perform any arbitrary code on the XML stream.  If you need 
to modify the pipeline based on the results of your transformer code, 
you should can set some session variables and write a Selector and/or 
Action to tweak the pipeline based on those session variables.


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