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From Martijn Bouterse <>
Subject Re: Problems, switching off svg
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2002 11:24:57 GMT
Vadim Gritsenko wrote:
> 1. Stop the server
> 2. Wipe out any *svg* from the sitemap
> 3. Clean work directory (I guess everybody forget this step)

I find this a bit cumbersome. This is probably a Tomcat issue, but why
is the work dir not cleaned? If I stop the server there isn't any 'work'
done anymore, so why not clean up the mess?

But I must admit that this solves the problem a bit more elegantly then
my solution. :-)

> 4. Start the server
> > If you have the source distribution of Cocoon you will find a
> > 'build.xml' file in the main dir. Edit this file and make sure all
> > references to SVG are commented out (using XML comments ofcourse).
> This is (IMHO) also not true. Just delete batik-libs-*.jar from the lib
> directory, that's it, no file editing.

Well, that is how I did with Cocoon 2.0 (release), the optional libs
were not yet implemented in that version. It worked that way, but maybe
it is a somewhat brute force approach.

> > (note:the CVS version is a beta-version and might me broken).
> It might, but generally it is not :)

thankfully :)


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