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From Sylvain Fétiveau <>
Subject errors handling
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2002 18:16:45 GMT
Hi !

	I'd like to handle several kinds of errors, differently if possible ;
on my site, the pipeline serves mainly ".html" pages using the XML files
which have the same filename but with the ".xml" extension. More
precisely, if the file xxx.html is requested, I aggregate xxx.xml and
site.xml, which is a file which contains infos about navbars, page
titles... for the whole site (I need it to create the navbars, the
titles...) and then, I use an XSL transformation and I serialize in
HTML. Anyway, here are the different kinds of error I'd like to handle :

- the requested file has not the ".html" extension
  using something like :

   <map:handle-errors type="404"> 
    <map:transform src="stylesheets/skeletons/error2html.xsl"/>
    <map:serialize status-code="404"/>

  should work (by the way, was is the purpose of status-code="404" ?)

- the xxx.xml file does not exist
  In this cas, I've got half of my content (I've got site.xml)
  is there a way to tell cocoon to handle this error ?
  I've found that the error message is displayed only if I use
map:handle-errors type="404"
  with map:serialize status-code="404"...

- the xxx.xml file is invalid
  In this cas, I've got also half of my content (I've got site.xml)
  is there a way to tell cocoon to handle this error ?
  I've found that depending on what I put in map:handle-errors, cocoon
displays an "internal
  server error" or uses my error2html.xsl to write something like "error
creating resource"

Thanks to my "site.xml" file, I check if the requested page is in the
list of "declared" pages of my site (some pages share the same content,
and in this case, I don't aggregate xxx.xml to site.xml, I choose
another xml file). I would like to be able to redirect the user to an
error 404 page in this case ; is it possible to do it without using XSP

So, I'd like to have more precisions about how errors can be handled and
how "fire" errors during an XSL transformation (or anything similar).


°v° Sylvain Fétiveau   Tel. (613) 731-4046
/ \ Webmotion Inc.
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