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From Matt Sergeant <>
Subject Re: Cocoon vs AxKit
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2002 13:15:51 GMT
> I do think this is one of the flaws of axkit - lack of documentation,
> the developpers are extremely helpful.  When I initially looked at axkit I
> only saw that it worked with PIs. The only way I found out was
> it and being corrected - not a good way to do documentation... :)
> Perhaps this has changed (with it on apache) and it is worth another look?

Unfortunately it hasn't changed much documentation-wise in the last 6
months. There is an AxKit-docs project that has started, but they haven't
really gotten anywhere significant. There was a book that was almost half
dedicated to AxKit, but the project was scrapped by the publishers (the work
is being turned into articles for though, so all hope is not lost
there). I also have a chapter written for the upcoming mod_perl Guide book,
which should cover some of the missing stuff, and I'll publish online

I guess that means "no", if your only criterion for trying software is docs.
But do remember that docs only improve by good contributions. This is open
source after all.

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