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From Matt Sergeant <>
Subject Re: Cocoon vs AxKit
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2002 15:05:21 GMT
Today, I saw this...

On Wednesday 16 January 2002 02:12 pm, Michael A Nachbaur wrote:
> <rant type="biased">
> Essentially, AxKit is Cocoon for mod_perl, but it goes quite a bit farther
> than that.  Just as Java takes a strict approach to programming (in terms
> of typing, OO, etc), Perl is more flexible in how you can use it.  So,
> built around that idea, AxKit is a flexible alternative to Cocoon.

Also, AxKit is more akin to Cocoon v1 last time I looked (6-8mo ago).

It's the other way around: AxKit is much more akin to Cocoon2. We had a
sitemap concept before they did, and while we still allow xml-stylesheet
PI's, it's not using the Cocoon1 reactor pattern that is so difficult to
develop for - the pipeline is determined only from the originating
file/request (however it is modifiable mid pipeline if you absolutely have

I think from general feelings and comments from others that AxKit is also a
fair bit more lightweight than Cocoon, and faster (yes, even than Cocoon2,
which didn't do *that* much for performance unfortunately according to my
readings of cocoon-dev). Though admittedly I would welcome the opportunity
to do what the Cocoon people did for Cocoon2 and do a complete re-write (we
all make design mistakes that we regret 2 years on :-)

Hope that helps,

Sincerely, Matt.
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