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Subject eldap with nested esql query
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2002 16:25:02 GMT

after getting eldap to work I would like to do an nested sql query inside the ldap result

esql query standalone works
eldap query standalone works

esql query inside eldap produces no error, but I always get an empty sql result set.

The code is something like:

 	    <esql:query>select * from test</esql:query> 
		  <id><esql:get-string column="uid"/></id>
              <error>no results were found</error>

The same esql code on the same page *before* the ldap stuff works perfectly. But within the
ldap query, I always get
  no results were found
  <ldap_dn>correct dn</ldap_dn>

What am I doing wrong?

Rolf Offermanns <>
PGP available on request

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