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From Christian Joelly <>
Subject Re: JBoss 2.4.4 and Cocoon2 integration
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2002 14:21:39 GMT
Hi Joseph!

On Wed, Jan 23, 2002 at 08:46:08AM -0500, Joseph Rajkumar wrote:
> 	You can find the mentioned
> file right here:
> jaba/jaba/src/com/valtech/bootcamp/carRental/web/cocoon/
> That is a single line, but I split it into two so it
> will be easier to read.

i have this file from the jaba project, but this project is build on
cocoon but i want to use cocoon 2.

> PS: If you would be interested, then may be you should put
> together a 'how-to' for the mailing-list. Since I feel many
> folks will be asking this question over and over again.

yes, i see several posts regarding this topic. also i have read a thread
on the cocoon developers mailinglist, but there where also no
"guidelines" ;-) so im trying to bundle the unzipped cocoon 2 war with
my files, zip it to an new cocoon.war, and deploy that to the jboss
deploy directory...
since this are my first attempts to get a running cocoon2/jboss app it
is not a good idea to write a howto ;-) but in a few weeks/months when
my knowhow is good enough...

> What database are you using for the backend, if it is Postgres
> I would be personally interested in any set-up information.

for now we use mysql als a backend database, but maybe we also switch to
postgres soon, but i think next year, because mysql has all the features
we need for now (replication...)

thx, Chris

KNAPP Logistics Automation
Ing. Christian Jölly        Tel/FAX: (++43) 316 / 495 1926 / 495 394
Günter-Knapp-Straße 5-7     A-8075 Hart bei Graz

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