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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: A couple of ESQL Q's
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2002 11:21:45 GMT
On 21.Jan.2002 -- 06:45 PM, NUGENT ROBERT (APP3RJN) wrote:
> First, I am trying retrieve an XML fragment stored as a CLOB in Oracle 8i.
> No problem using <esql:get-ascii> to retrieve the contents of the CLOB.
> Also no problem using <esql:get-xml> to retrieve an XML fragment stored as
> character data (ie, VARCHAR2 but not a CLOB)... But I am having problems
> using <esql:get-xml> to retrieve the same data stored as a CLOB... 

> The column theclob is a CLOB containing xml fragment... Seems simple
> enough... what am I missing?

esql:get-xml uses esql:get-string internally which has no support for
clobs. wonder if we could change that...

> Second question:  I am studying ways to generate nested XML from ESQL query
> results... have played with nesting an <esql:execute-query> (combined with
> <esql:parameter> and <esql:get-string ancestor="1"> to generate nested/
> correlated content) within a parent <esql:results> tag.  This works like a
> charm.  But I was wondering if ESQL supports nested Oracle CURSOR
> expressions... whereby the "nested" content just appears within the select
> list of the parent query...  
> 	<esql:query>
> 		select 'hi' as "greeting1",
> 			 cursor(select 'there' as "greeting2" from dual) as
> "cursor1"
> 		from dual
> 	</esql:query>
> The above query seems to be handled OK, but at first blush I can't seem to
> get at the nested content... I can retrieve the first item using
> <esql:get-string> no problem but have tried various ways to manipulate the
> contents of the nested CURSOR, to no avail.  Do I have to somehow name and
> explicitly retrieve the nested resultset separately from the parent
> resultset prior to generating the result tree? 

If this results in the second returned value being a ResultSet you
should wait a little. I'm currently working on SP support for esql and
will try to add a way to use a ResultSet obtained from a query for
further processing. I'm thinking along the lines of 

	<esql:results from-column="cursor1">


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