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From Jozsa Kristof <>
Subject Avoid extreme caching?
Date Sun, 20 Jan 2002 14:59:16 GMT

I'm using Cocoon in JBoss3 fresh snapshots. My actual problem is, that
sometimes, when I change the sitemap, re-jar my cocoon project from ant, and
redeploy; NOTHING changes in the results. Not even stopping and restarting
JBoss makes Cocoon realize the changes.

I have some hairy examples from the past days: 

1. rename a source file both in the sitemap and on the filesystem, repack,
redeploy, and it still looks for the old name. The logs show clearly how it
lookups a non-existent name, lookups to a string which doesn't even exists
in the sitemap anymore!

2. erase one of my own -not anymore needed- Transformer component completely
from the sitemap (both calls and the definition itself), and Cocoon cannot
live without it, I had to place back my obsolete jar into WEB-INF/lib, else
Cocoon doesn't start up at all. The Transformer's name of course couldn't be
find in the sitemap either..

Now, I'd like to ask for some advice how to avoid such effects, they're
very very annoying. I can't even imagine myself _where_ Cocoon caches all
these above, at least a whole JBoss restart should help on it.


ps. shall I crosspost to jboss-user? I guess that's only Cocoon related, but
not sure

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