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From Samer Kanjo <>
Subject Install Cocoon 2 on JRun 3.x
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2002 12:56:50 GMT

I recently was able to install Cocoon 2 on JRun 3.0
and wanted to share the experience since it seems to
be a popular topic.

The following steps should get you up and running:

1. Deploy Cocoon to default server (or another server 
   of your choice). See JRun Setup Guide for 
   deployment instructions.

2. After deployment restart the default server.

3. Shutdown all servers.

4. Move xerces-1.4.4.jar and xml-apis.jar from cocoon 
   WEB-INF/lib directory to default/lib directory.

5. Edit the default server file and 
   modify the JVM Settings section:
      a. Find the classpath settings and add the 
         following line:
      b. Find user.javaargs settings and change to the

         following line:
6. Edit the cocoon.xconf file and find the Parse 
   section under General Components. Move the 
   following line out of the comment block:
      <parser class="org.apache.cocoon.components.
7. Start default server, check default-event.log to 
   verify that the CocoonServlet was successfully 
   started. You should not see an exceptions.
8. Test Cocoon. It should work.

I just figured this out last night and have not fully
exercised Cocoon to determine if there are any other
problems. But at least it is a start.


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