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From Yuri Gadow <>
Subject Re: JBoss 2.4.4 and Cocoon2 integration
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2002 14:35:53 GMT

I am currently working on a system using C2 with JBoss 2.4.4/Tomcat
4.0.1. A brief rundown of what we have come across so far:

- The application is deployed in an EAR which contains several EJB JARs,
a WAR, and numerous support JARs. Unfortunately, C2 cannot "see" classes
outside of the WAR (via the standard MANIFEST.MF Class-path entries)
when compiling. This means that all JARs/classes needed by the C2 system
must be duplicated inside the WAR. There is probably an easy fix for
this, but perhaps not a clean J2EE one (i.e. one might have to bind
directly to JB/TC in C2.) This EAR is just dropped into jboss/deploy and
the rest is automatic.

- C2 is deployed in the WAR, fairly similar to the example WAR that
comes with it:

- Our customer generators, serializers and what not, are packaged in a
support JAR which is in both the EAR and the WAR - because of the
Manifest bug.

- To get a C2 distribution that doesn't include everything, a moderate
amount of source and build.xml edits were necessary. I can list those or
create a patch if you're interested.

- To keep things simple, we only have one set of Xerces/Xalan JARs
(2.0.0 B4 and 2.2.0 Final) for the whole system, which reside in JBoss'
lib/ext directory - everything, JB/TC included, uses those. However,
JBoss 2.4.4 seems to have some dependencies on Crimson, I'm not clear on
the issues here, but a few small patches were apparently enough to
remove them - I can find out more if you need to know. 

- The only other JARs outside of the EAR that we deploy are the JDBC
drivers for the pools.

Initially it seemed like quite a struggle to detach C2 from the
ten-kitchen-sink distribution it comes integrated in, but once we got
the relevant pieces out and integrated into our own build process, it
was rather smooth.

On Wed, 2002-01-23 at 10:58, Christian Joelly wrote:
> Hello!
> we are using cocoon 1.8 for an ecommerce application and trying to
> switch to jboss/tomcat with cocoon2 integrated. the system is up and
> running, the cocoon2 samples are working fine and i have read trough
> various jboss and cocoon samples. my favorite is the jaba project
> which is hosted on, but unfortunately i cant find
> the mentioned cocoonfromservlet class, via which i can call cocoon to
> render my xml output.
> are there some guidelines how cocoon and jboss/tomcat are used together
> in an own application? im thinking how to but these things together to
> make a clean modular application.
> i have also problems with deploing cocoon/jboss/tomcat applications.
> what are the correct steps to deploy a application with a web client,
> an application client and some ejb's using the cocoon/jboss/tomcat
> framework? (maybe this question is offtopic here...)
> thx for any hints,
> Chris
> -- 
> KNAPP Logistics Automation
> Ing. Christian Jölly        Tel/FAX: (++43) 316 / 495 1926 / 495 394
> Günter-Knapp-Straße 5-7     A-8075 Hart bei Graz

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