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From "Vadim Gritsenko" <>
Subject RE: Cocoon URL
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2002 23:09:46 GMT
> From: Yuri Gadow []
> Ok, thanks guys. I realise I didn't state the original question as
> as I should, the second half of it was missing.
> What I have is a WAR with Cocoon2 (C2), and a large amount of other
> presentation layer 'stuff' (JSP, Servlets, etc.) So, the context root
> for the WAR is /, however that root is handled by another Servlet, as
> is only responsible for one piece of the system.
> So, if I have a context for the WAR set to /, a servlet mapping for
> other Servlet to handle /, and a Servlet mapping such as /subSystemA
> the C2 Servlet, should that work?

It should, if you have properly configured web.xml & sitemap.xmap.

> Currently, it's not, I get a 404 from Catalina when trying to access
> status generator (at http://a.b.c/subSystemA/status, the only pipeline
> currently in the sitemap), but there's plenty of other possibilities
> failure here. I'm mainly trying to narrow down the variables.

1. Check web.xml. Cocoon should be mapped to /subSystemA/status (at
2. Check sitemap.xmap. You should have match with pattern


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