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From "Vadim Gritsenko" <>
Subject RE: Newbie ESQL Questions
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2002 04:28:58 GMT
> Hi,
> We are new to Cocoon here, and hope to use it in an application in
which we
> will make heavy use of ESQL with Oracle 8i.  I have two basic
> First, regarding documentation:  The ESQL examples, as well as the
> schema and Taglib documentation page, all have been very useful to get
us up
> and running.  Before delving directly into the esql logicsheet next,
> anybody point me to any other existing docs -- formal, informal,
whatever --
> on the ESQL taglib itself that can supplement what is provided with
> C2 distribution?

My best guess is that there no much more documentation is available; so
you next step is source of the ESQL logicsheet - esql.xsl.
Also, let others add references to other docs if there are any.

> Second, I am setting up a bare-bones test environment for executing
> queries and sending the serialized XML to my browser without
> transformations...   This was easy using the file generator, SQL
> transformer, and xml serializer.  This allowed me to process any old

Please, do not mix SQL transformer and ESQL logicsheet. "E" here stands
for "extended" if I am not mistaken; and basically means that ESQL have
much more features not supported by SQL transformer.

> file with <execute-query> etc. elements using the namespace
> xmlns:sql="".
> But -- please bear with me here -- to use ESQL (updated schema and
> logicsheet) I think I will need to use the "serverpages" generator
> with compliant XSP pages) since this is an XSP logicsheet.  Since I
> still like to serialize result as plain XML and strip out extraneous
tags, I
> am applying a simple XSLT transformer and XML serializer.  This works
> but is this the most "stripped down" way to use the ESQL taglib, or
could I
> utilize ESQL outside of XSP?

No, ESQL is a logicsheet. Your XSP page containing ESQL statements will
be processed by ESQL logicsheet to form plain XSP page, which is
compiled by serverpages generator. So, ESQL is possible to use only in
conjunction with serverpages generator.

Hope this helps,


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