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From "Vadim Gritsenko" <>
Subject RE: Virtual-domain-directorys in Cocoon2
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2002 16:57:38 GMT
> From: KreyĐŻel, Conny [mailto:Conny.Kreyssel@INTER-FORUM.DE]
> Hi,
> I have installed a Apache- and a Tomcat 4-Server and now I have
> the Apache that for all domains the /go subdirectory forward to the
> cocoon-app via mod_webapp.
> And now my problem. I could use a subdirectory for every domain like
> /cocoon/domain1
> /cocoon/domain2
> /cocoon/domain3 and so on.
> And when I would use Cocoon with domain1 I had to access the server
> this: http://domain1/go/domain1/file.xml
> Ok fine. But I would use a structure like that
> and Cocoon should alone internal-redirect or -access the
> "virtual-domain"-subdirectory.
> I could deploy Cocoon for every domain but this would not be so nice.
> Can you help me how can I implement this?

Try RegexpTargetHostMatcher or HostSelector. Something like this should
work for you:

<map:select type="name-of-the-host-selector-as-defined-in-sitemap">
  <map:when test="domain1">
    <map:mount ..../>
  <map:when test="domain2">
    <map:mount ..../>
    <map:mount ..../>


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