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From "Stephen Clarke" <>
Subject How to get the current URI into XSL as parameter value?
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2002 16:23:48 GMT
Hello again,

I've been figuring out some stuff about the wonderful cocoon.
Thanks for previous help.

I now know that it's possible to send a parameter into an XSL
using <map:parameter name="foo" ...>. But now I want to set all
the URLs inside the resulting HTML file to the same base. I
remembered about the <base href="foobar"> tag in HTML, but now I
have to make an absolute base url in all my XSLs. Is there any
way to pass into XSL the value of the current uri as seen in the
browser address bar? Or is there any other way of solving this
problem? Or is it not really a problem at all and am I just being
picky? {:)

For example, the same problem is solved in CGI with stuff like

I'm also wondering, who uses cocoon. Is it mostly university
folks, or is it being used out there in industry? I would guess
that most industry people prefer to pay big bucks for corporate
style 'solutions'. Oh well. {:\


Stephen Clarke

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