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From Stephan Michels <>
Subject Re: starting Xvfb for Cocoon
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2001 18:23:59 GMT

On Tue, 11 Dec 2001, Cindy Ballreich wrote:

> I suppose that this is really a Xvfb or even a Linux question, but since it
> directly relates to Cocoon I hope you'll allow me to ask it here. I've
> tried linux.redhat.misc with no success.
> I have a very basic RedHat 7.0 web server (Apache 1.3.20) and I want to run
> Cocoon 2.0 with Tomcat 3.3. Apparently, I also need to run Xvfb in order
> for Cocoon to work properly. I would very much like to start Xvfb at boot
> time along with all of the other web services. I've written an init.d
> script to do this. This script works very well from the command line, but
> for some reason it won't work at boot time. Perhaps Xvfb requires a service
> that isn't running when it tries to start? I was wondering if anyone might
> be doing this successfully and if they'd mind sharing their init.d script.
> I'd also appreciate being pointed to any documentation that might explain
> what I'm doing wrong.
> My current script was accepted by chkconfig and all of the rc.d links are
> present. It works great from the command line and *appears* to work at boot
> time (I get the "starting" message and the result is "OK"), but once the
> system finishes booting and I log on there is no instance of Xvfb running.
> Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
> Here is the script that I'm currently using...

You want perhaps look on the fbset service from the suse dist.
I have this file attached on this mail. [Sorry for the traffic]

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