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From "Giuseppe Di Pierri" <>
Subject Re: Dummy proof XML on-line editing
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2001 13:47:08 GMT
Hi Mauricio,

May it is exactly what I mean.

Let's make an example of use of the this hypothetical user friendly xml 
editor (web)application:

We have to create a new document, which structure is defined in a XML Schema 
file (better than DTD because XML is easier to treat). The application 
presents us all possible information types (by means of input checkbox, or 
text or combobox etc) that, for a specific point of the document, I can or 
have to insert. If a new inserted element has required/optional subelements, 
then the application automatically generates a form containing those 
subelement input items. Of course, all optional subelements can be left 

I don't mean that the user have to insert tags directly, he just fills the 
its values, by means of input items.

If you know XML Spy 4.0.1, well, it makes something like this, but it is 
also not 'cheap'.

If I could use an application like this, well I would spare lot's working 
time for creating always custom applications.

If you or everyone else intends to develop it together, well I'm ready to 

Thank you and wish you a nice day.


>From: Mauricio Souza Lima <>
>Subject: Re: Dummy proof XML on-line editing
>Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 10:54:50 -0200
>Giuseppe Di Pierri wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> > It would be very very nice also to have this (web)application to give 
> > suggestions (as a simple list) about elements or attributes that may or 
> > be added into the xml document (in a specific edit point) based on an 
> > definition file (instead of checking everything at the end of 
> > wouldn't be?.
> >
> > Cheers
> > pino
> >
>In my case, the editor must edit just DocBook content, and it is
>progressive supporting all the DTD, today it supports only single
>parts... And the user dont put the hand in the XML, he uses bold,
>italic, insert image, but never insert tag :)
>Mauricio Souza Lima
>Rational Consulting
>Rua Helena, 140 / cj. 82
>São Paulo - SP - Brazil
>Fone / Direct: +55 11 3842-7138
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