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From Jeremy Crosbie <>
Subject PJA Toolkit Licensing Answered
Date Thu, 27 Dec 2001 17:28:35 GMT
Rather than continue in the circle of determining whether or not the PJA
toolkit can be used in conjunction with Cocoon (actually Batik) given
license incompatibilities I asked the author. Here is the email

> There has been some discussion on the Cocoon mailing list
> ( as to the legality of using the PJA within 
> Tomcat/Cocoon since PJA is released under the GPL. The GPL 
> specifically states that use of a library released under the GPL must 
> be within a GPL'd system. Since Tomcat and Cocoon are released under 
> the Apache license (which is listed as incompatible by GNU) is using 
> the PJA toolkit within these applications a violation?

I think Apache License is closer to GNU LGPL than GNU GPL, isn't it ?

I decided to change PJA license in July 2000 to distribute it under GPL. I
didn't know LGPL at that time, and GPL seemed Ok to me (I'm a developer, not
a license expert). 
As I already changed once PJA license, I won't change it again to avoid PJA
users to get confused by an unstable license policy.

Reading again the page, I
don't regret it because one of the interpretation of the spirit of GPL for
libraries is for me : "Why would people make money with a proprietary
program using a GPL library and not the author of the library ?"

In fact, I didn't expect such a success for PJA and nowadays I'm more
concerned about people selling products that would require and include PJA
to be able to run, than free products like Cocoon. PJA is really a special
product as most people use it as a temporary patch (corrected with coming
JDK 1.4 headless system) and they need it only at runtime (not at compile

The thing I would like from PJA users is to mention somewhere on their
website that they use eTeks PJA.

I hope this will help you. Don't hesitate to ask more questions...

You may quote me in Cocoon mailing list if you want to.

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Jeremy Michael Crosbie
Senior Software Engineer
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Tel: (949) 553-0800 x131

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