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From Luke Studley <>
Subject Multiple Namespace Decls.
Date Sat, 08 Dec 2001 01:09:50 GMT
Wonder if anyone else has seen this
I'm trying to use cinclude, but the same seems to happen for all ns
declarations - whether from xsp or read from xml - in the down pipeline
processing there are multiple (dual) declarations of each namespace - my
editor complains about this and my styleshets screw up.
Sticking in  a log statement I see the following - which seems to correctly
fire a startPrefixMapping event - but also an attribute event for the
xmlns:ci attribute as well - is this correct? If it is then something
downstream is responding to both events and thus duplicating xmlns dec.s
[setup] ---------------------------- [Sat Dec 08 00:58:22 GMT 2001]
[startPrefixMapping] prefix=ci,uri=
[startElement] uri=,local=page,raw=page
[            ] 1. uri=,local=section,qname=section,type=CDATA,value=Web
[            ] 2.
[startElement] uri=,local=title,raw=title

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